ENDING project with the Spanish National Police in prime time on the Spanish radio

On 6 February 2023, police officers members of the Master Plan within the Community Policing Central Unit of the Spanish National Police, were invited to the radio programme “Julia en la Onda” (Julia Otero is one of the most popular journalist in Spain), aired life prime time and broadcast by “Onda Cero” radio station.


The interview were conducted by the journalists Luis Rendueles and Manuel Marlasca, prestigious event journalists, in their programme section named “Territorio Negro”, from where they offer to radio listeners stories and testimonies on crime issues.  In this occasion, their interest lay in knowing about the preventive work carried out by the Community Policing delegates in relation to the school environment.


The police officers covered the main internet risks to which children may be exposed, that are also the ones that most concern families and educational centres. Other children and youngsters problems were touched, such bullying and cyberbullying. Among the suggested measures to prevent them, the ENDING project was presented, as a useful and powerful tool that encourages the responsible use of the ICTs, through a peer learning method, avoiding at the same time early school leaving.

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