In this section you will find the resources created by the “rolending” student groups in the four schools that have participated in the piloting of the ENDING project:


  • Escola Secundária da Boa Nova /Leça da Palmeira, Matosinhos)
  • Agrupamento de Escolas Eugenio Andrade (Porto)
  • Colegio Aquila (Parla, Madrid)
  • Colegio Santa María la Nueva y San José Artesano (Burgos)


The materials (Annexes) have been grouped in thematic sections corresponding to the chapters of the Student Guide.


All of then can be used directly for the implementation of the ENDING programme or as examples to create new materials for future “rolending”.


  Downloads in PDF format:



4.1 Annex Checklist Preparation Workshop

4.2 Annex Copyright

4.3 Annex Tipps Preparation Presentation

4.4 Annex Tipps performing presentation

4.5 Annex feedback

Abusive use of ICTS

5.1 Abuse ICT Health Wellbeing

5.2 Annex Quiz


6.1 Cyberbullying and Security

6.2 Annex Creating Groups

6.3 Annex cyber bullying role play

6.4 Annex cyber bullying role play speechbubbles

MIsuse of ICT

7.1 Misuse ICT

7.2 Annex Example campaign

7.3 Annex Example Flyer

Disinformation and Critical Thinking

8.1 Disinformation

8.2 Annex Quiz Question

8.3 Annex Alphabet soup

8.4 Annex Checklist Fact or fake

Children´s  Rights

9.1 Childrens rights

9.2 Annex childrens rights bingo


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